Meet Your Maker - IGWM's Samar Khader


When I met Samar he was working retail at Citizen Supply, the Atlanta makers market where we house our production space. Once we got to talking, we discovered that we’d been raised only a few blocks from one another, and had spent most of our formative years in the same grungy clubs seeing the same bands and hanging out with the same people.

A few months later, when Samar needed a job, I hired him on to tackle some of our logistics and shipping work. I started to teach him the ropes of our products - how to make the rings, leather goods, etc. An experienced creator, he took to the process right away.

These days Samar works as a Production Manager at In God We Must. He works with a small team making all of the IGWM products and overseeing quality control of the pieces before we ship them out to our customers.

At just 22, Samar is already a talented photographer and filmmaker. In addition to his work with us, he is studying design at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Samar actually began his college career with a focus in business, but while traveling with his family in India a few years back, he had a lightbulb moment. Samar knew he was a creator. His passion didn’t belong in a marketing classroom. When he got home, he changed his course of study to put him on a path to continue that passion of creation.

If you ask Samar when his passion for making things began, he’ll tell you it’s always been there. As a kid, Samar learned from his father the joy of getting your hands dirty working on cars, and from his mother the satisfaction of building a beautiful piece of furniture.

These days, Samar channels that energy into building beautiful pieces for In God We Must that eventually end up in your hands. The care and devotion he shows in his work is evident in every piece that passes through his hands.

I couldn’t be prouder to have Samar on our team. The next time you open a package from In God We Must, remember the hands that built these things. Without them, there would be no us.

Until next time,

- John, Founder of IGWM

Samar's Favorites:

Book:  probably Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Film:  The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson (and he's easily my favorite director)

Band: The Strokes

Place in Atlanta: the High Museum

Restaurant: Gio's on the West Side

Favorite IGWM product:  Our silver stackers are my favorite product. They a lot of fun to make because the silver is delicate to work with. finishing these rings is super satisfying, i love polishing them and then getting to see the finished product.