Meet Your Maker - IGWM’s Taylor Friedrich


IGWM’s Taylor Friedrich is a sculptor, a potter, and really, really good at making IGWM stuff.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect someone from Boise, Idaho to find their footing crafting products for a company whose major offerings include a t-shirt with the word “y’all” scrawled onto it. But luckily for us, Taylor has.

Taylor Friedrich is a maker at In God We Must, and spends her days making rings (the wheat penny ring is her favorite) and other jewelry to live on the hands and necks of the world’s best people. But it wasn’t her jewelry-making ability that drew us to Taylor. Mostly, it was just her constant presence at the shop.

Taylor started hanging out at IGWM when she was in between jobs, having just met Samar at Georgia State University, where she’s currently studying studio art. When we needed some help, there she was. I put her to work helping fill and ship orders, but quickly realized that wasn't her highest and best use. I wanted to utilize her sculptor’s touch, so I taught her to make our state rings. Needless to say, Taylor crushed it straight away, and now some of our most beautiful products pass through Taylor’s hands before they end up with you - our Pioneer community.

Taylor has always been creative. Learning to draw from her mother and being steeped in European culture by her German immigrant father, there is a deep well of creativity and inspiration for her to draw from. Taylor has a bit of a wanderer’s soul. She loves to travel and speaks often of its formative nature in a person and her intentions to fully experience the rest of the world.

She’s the kind of maker that finds inspiration in the utility of the work she creates. She’s told me more than once that “eating cereal from a bowl you made is literally the world’s best feeling.”

I can’t confirm this fully, but I know Taylor well enough to know you should trust her.

Eventually, Taylor will have her own pottery studio and you’ll be able to buy the functionally beautiful artwork she produces. She’ll make good on her promise to travel and will likely be found hiding out in some far-flung reaches of the world, but for now we’re lucky to have her in Atlanta creating stunning work for In God We Must.

Until next time,

- John, Founder of IGWM

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