Pioneer Profile - Citizen Supply's Phil Sanders


Phil Sanders was an ATL-based photographer working out of his home when he got the idea to dedicate a space to wayward, creative entrepreneurs like himself. He established Foster ATL in 2014 to be a home-base for Atlanta’s creative-minded vagabonds. Foster hosted artists and creators from a myriad of disciplines. Periodically Phil would invite makers and artisans from around the city to gather in the Foster space to host a local flea market of sorts, a pop-up he called “In Good Company.”

Around this time, construction was finishing on an ambitious remodeling of a massive 100-year-old former Sears & Roebuck building in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta dubbed “Ponce City Market.” With 2.1 million square feet of available space, Ponce was looking for tenants. As it happens, the developers of the project had taken note of Phil’s pop-ups.

Phil was invited to tour the unfinished project, and was lead to a massive space on the second floor of the food hall. The big idea was to put a retail store in the space, and they wanted Phil to take his pop-up concept permanent.

Citizen Supply was the first store to open on the Ponce City Market second floor, and In God We Must was one of its first vendors. We sold jewelry and apparel in a booth tucked along the back wall for the first year or so of Citizen’s existence. Last year, we moved our entire operation within the walls of Citizen Supply. We not only sell our goods (our only brick and mortar outlet), but we make them here as well. You can find us here at Citizen Supply every day, making all our jewelry, drinking too much coffee and talking with the lovely people coming in and out of Citizen’s doors.

There are over 150 makers, artists, and artisans represented at Citizen Supply. A project unlike any other, Phil is carving out a space in an increasingly homogenized retail world for real artists to thrive. We are so proud to be a part of this collective. Phil’s Pioneer Spirit has given IGWM room to grow into the company we are today.

If you’re in Atlanta, stopping by Citizen Supply is a must. You can say hi to us and experience the greatest collection of artisans within four walls that I’ve ever seen. We’ll be waiting for you.

Until next time,

-John, Founder of IGWM


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