We recently had the pleasure of working with our local friends over at End It. When they approached us about a collaboration for the 2018 Passion Conference, obviously we were beyond thrilled. I’m sure most of you Atlanta locals know of, or have at least heard the term “End It”. This incredible organization is shining a bright light on slavery, something that most people don’t even know still exists in America. You hear the term “slavery” and think “Oh yeah, that’s a part of history. I learned about that in high school.”. Not a lot of people know or understand how relevant this issue is. That is their main goal; to make people aware so that we as a community can take the steps necessary to “End It”.

For this collaboration, we found these killer brass tokens (Yes, they are gaming tokens!). When punched, domed and bent to create a ring, you see front and center the word “Freedom”. Below this, you can see just the tips of an eagles’ wings as well as a tiny glimpse of the eagle head. We really felt like this ring was perfect because of the symbolism that it creates. Freedom is surprisingly not something that everyone has the pleasure of experiencing in their lifetime. When wearing this piece, it can be a constant reminder of the freedom that you have as an individual, and can hopefully be an inspiration for you to create that freedom for others.

Our main goal at IGWM is really just to inspire others. We want to inspire you to make things happen for yourself, no matter how difficult the road may be. ANYTHING is possible if you get in your own head and provoke that pioneering spirit that is in all of us.

Our mission:


(We are now offering these rings on our website, and ALL profit will go towards the End It Movement.)