Pioneer Profile - Jeremiah Cowan

It’s kind of amazing how many creatives find their path by joining a band as a teenager. Jeremiah Cowan is one of those creatives, and in his case, playing drums in a folky americana band set him on the course to be one of the most highly sought photographers in Atlanta, not to mention a pioneer of Instagram.

While being on location with the photographer shooting promotional photos (you know, the ones where all the dudes look melancholic while hanging out in their best scarves on or near railroad tracks) Jeremiah began to realize his interest in photography. The way the photographer measured and captured the light. The way he focused intently on capturing his subjects in the most imaginative ways (no railroad tracks, minimal scarving). He decided to try his hand at taking some photos. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a camera. He did have an iPhone, though.

Weirdly enough, it was Instagram that helped Jeremiah fully realize his talent. In the beginning of what would become a social media giant, Jeremiah used his Instagram page to showcase the lesser-noticed Atlanta of his youth. A born and bred Atlantan, he had a unique lens and perspective and began to document the city in ways most folks hadn’t seen. This led him early on to be featured on Instagram’s home page. Soon after, Jeremiah got an email out of the blue from the creative team at Apple. They wanted to feature his images in the first “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

Suddenly, Jeremiah’s photos were being seen in every corner of the Globe.

Since then, he’s gotten a camera and gone on to work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, and even spent some time here at IGWM taking photos and making rings. As a matter of fact, Jeremiah Cowan was the first official employee of In God We Must. While taking care of a lot of our photography and content in the early days, we made sure we didn’t let him go without getting his hands dirty.

So if you’ve been with us from the beginning, you may be wearing a Jeremiah Cowan original right now. If you aren’t, don’t worry. We’re sure whoever made your ring will go on to become internationally renowned for some reason or another.


Until next time,

John - Founder, IGWM


Pioneer Selects: Jeremiah Cowan

Currently Reading: “The C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy. If something is done well, you can never get tired of it.”

Currently Listening: “I’ve been listening to The 1975’snew album a lot. I love the new Wild Nothing. Also Noah GundersonLil Wayne…”

Current Inspiration: “Fashion brands like OFF-WHITE. I think we’re entering into the next phase of fashion - celebrating different cultures and styles.”

Favorite IGWM Product: “The Georgia Statehood Ring is one of the things I never leave the house without.”